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Dow Jones down over 800! Global credit-crunch! Lehman Brothers bankrupt! $700 Billion US Government bailout! There is no question that the world is in unprecedented financial crisis. The producers of The On da Money TV Show understand that the events that are taking place within the US and global financial markets can be confusing and bewildering. Within the content of both the show and this website, we will try to analyze and explain developments as they arise, their impact on you, our viewers, and some general prudent strategies that can be implemented to minimize any exposure you may have to such market volatility. We have set out to make the show website as user friendly as possible. We wholeheartedly invite visitors to the site to comment on the functionality of the site, its content, and generally let us know if we are complementing the show in the manner intended. Feel free to submit your comments in the section provided in Feedback page.

The On da Money Show is the brain child of Creator, Producer and Host Aidan Doyle. Over Mr. Doyle's 30 year financial career, Mr. Doyle perceived the need for a financial news/commentary show which did not merely espouse financial fact and data but which couched the content of the show in bite sized modules whose overall purpose is to "develop" the viewer who takes the advice on board. In other words, what the show is aiming for is to galvanize, inform, and subsequently empower its viewership into making more intelligent, informed choices, thus leading to an overall improvement in their financial situation. It is not enough to simply present facts and hope the recipient will absorb same. Mr. Doyle's matter of fact, no-nonsense presentation of the issues engages the viewer, entertains at the same time. In media parlance, the show comes under the heading of "Edutainment" being a combination of education and entertainment. (see About the show)

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It is through the support and loyalty of yourselves that we have developed the show into the up and coming success story that it is today. Please help us in our continuing efforts to bring you quality content and programming.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Production Team

The On da Money Show

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